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Picture Frame

Evidence of Things Unseen

This morning in East Oakland:

Debacle on 34th St.

This is the view to the north as you pass down 34th Street in Oakland between Telegraph and MLK, which I finally got around to photographing today: If you look at aerial photos of Oakland from the 40’s or 50’s, before these freeways and BART tracks were built, then you will find that the land […]

Smudge of Ashen Fluff

I often spot this bird in the tree outside my window. He (she?) was waiting out the rain there on Sunday morning. Not the greatest bird photos ever, but I like the varied textures of its feathers. (This post does need some avian title. Help me, Vlad! Smudge of Ashen Fluff.)

Tiki Bike

I walked by this impressive piece of handiwork in Alameda this morning. Check out the larger version at Flickr if you want to see some of the detailing, such as the wicker on the fork or the stays (even some of the cable housing is wrapped with rattan or some such). It’s safe to say […]

Scenes from an Afternoon Stroll

Nature Takes its Course

In case you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you, say, filled part of San Francisco Bay with landfill and built some airstrips on it, then abandoned them for a decade or more, here is a photo I took yesterday at the Alameda Naval Air Station, which has been unused by planes for over a […]

Goodnight Sun

Last night’s sunset over Lake Merritt was a doozy. I even got off my bike (well, out of the pedals, at least) to take some photos. I didn’t record any musical accompaniment, so you’ll have to imagine the convivial sounds floating across the water from Lake Chalet restaurant on the opposite shore (if you look […]

San Francisco Tropical

There’s been a bit of a blogging lull here in recent weeks, so here’s another placeholder post—some photos from the California Academy of Sciences a few days ago. I didn’t take too many pictures, but I wanted to see how photos from the dim exhibition halls or through glass and water in the aquarium would […]

Today in West Oakland

Nothing to be said; a few things to be seen.

The Wall

Some commenters on the last photo I posted were speculating that I have an affinity for the color blue, or that perhaps my camera or the local scenery produced particularly good blues (I assume that the speculation was based primarily on some earlier pictures I’ve taken such as this one and this one and this […]