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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Sun Rays


Many people own Kryptonite U-locks; some unfortunate people own Kryptonite figure-8-locks instead: (Incidentally, something doesn’t seem to quite add up here. The lock, while bent out of shape, is unbroken. So why did the thief even bother trying to break the lock, if he was able to steal almost all of the bike without worrying […]

Gone Fishin’

No, I didn’t go fishing myself (although that might make a good excuse for the lack of blog posts recently), but some fishermen and sailboats made for a nice scene on the Oakland estuary early one evening last week:

Everything Else is Purple Prose

“The ball is round; the game lasts 90 minutes; everything else is pure theory.” — Attributed to Sepp Herberger The World Cup begins tomorrow. This means, of course, that it’s time for romantics worldwide to abandon themselves to a monthlong orgy of self-indulgence. For most of us, this just means plopping down on barstools before […]