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Oakland’s painted gnomes get some national press

Oakland’s painted gnomes, which I wrote about in March, were mentioned in a column on “DIY Urbanism” in the October issue of Governing magazine, accompanied by a photo I took of one of the little dudes: The full column (sans photo, I’m sad to say) can be read at Governing’s website.

Parkway Theater quiet, but front wall full of sound and fury

Two new murals on the still-dormant Parkway Theater, thanks to the Community Rejuvenation Project. One calls for Justice for Trayvon and Shaima: And an homage to recently deceased Oakland jazzman Khalil Shaheed:

What a Difference a Day Makes

The “Oakland Commune” banner flies above Occupy Oakland again.

Free Range

Tile Style

For some reason I’ve been taking a lot of photos of tilework lately. Continuing to mine that vein, I took some pictures of mosaic murals in jingletown today: While many of the murals in this cluster are mosaics, there are some painted murals too. I’ve posted shots of some of the other murals (along with […]

Fixer Upper

Water views. Satellite TV included. I walked by this scene today at Union Point Park. I daydream about moving onto a boat sometimes, but every time I hear about a boat sinking in the Oakland estuary, I am reminded of the virtues of solid ground—even solid ground which shakes and rolls under our feet every […]

The Varieties of Sunset Experience

I’m not obsessed with sunsets over Lake Merritt—really, I’m not!—but it’s hard to resist pulling out a camera whenever I happen to walk the dog over to Lakeshore Avenue in late afternoon. And when the pictures turn out well, then it’s hard to resist posting them online. That many of the sunsets from the east […]

Happy Holidays

Looks like Christmas has already come and gone at Cleveland Elementary School here in Oakland:

Neon Cyclist

Came across this sign at a bike shop in LA. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the neon in action.

At What Price?

I don’t know how long this banner has been hanging, but I only noticed it today: No matter the price, it sounds like a better bargain than the “Special Sale! Misfortunes” which are advertised a few blocks away.

Avanti! Avanti!

Almost a year and a half ago I posted a photo of The Grateful Tree a few blocks from my apartment. In the intervening months, time and the elements took their usual toll, and the little tree eventually looked like it would be grateful for a bit of sprucing up itself. I walked the dog […]

Lake Merritt Denizens