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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Over AA

On my way to work today, I stumbled upon this amusing juxtaposition in Union Point Park:

Dr. Strangebike

I seem to see more odd customized bikes in Alameda than anywhere else. This was down the block from where the family bike was parked last month, and across the street from where I spotted the tiki bike last year The guy who was riding this did have a cowboy hat on, but it wasn’t […]

Bike to Work Day. Or, Boat to Artwork Day

Bike to work day was last Thursday. Since I bike to work all the time anyway, I have to seek out other ways to mark the day. (I suppose I could borrow a car and drive to work, but that would defeat the point.) Last year I took an extremely circuitous route to work in order […]

Stolen Bike Recovered; Oakland’s Good Name Still Missing

If you listen to some of the complaints of Oakland residents, you might get the impression that the Oakland Police Department is either unable or unwilling to pay any attention to property crimes. And given the high levels of violent crime, it is presumably true that the OPD isn’t able to spend a whole lot […]

…As Long as You Get My Name Right

It’s nice to see the Oakland Tribune covering the wonderful improvements that are about to be made to the southern end of Lake Merritt, where a dreadful ten-lane thoroughfare is going to be turned into a pedestrian-friendly, bike-friendly area with expanded lakeside parkland. It would have been nice, too, if they hadn’t flubbed the name […]