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The Long March

Sun Rays

Gone Fishin’

No, I didn’t go fishing myself (although that might make a good excuse for the lack of blog posts recently), but some fishermen and sailboats made for a nice scene on the Oakland estuary early one evening last week:

Over AA

On my way to work today, I stumbled upon this amusing juxtaposition in Union Point Park:

Where Angels Dwell

I was passing by Mountain View Cemetery a bit before dusk today, so I decided to go in and take some pictures. I posted a few more in a Flickr set.


No particular rhyme or reason to these photos, and if I had anything better to post, these would probably be relegated to Flickr, but they’ll have to fill the void for now. All taken this morning in Oakland:


Somehow, a bike and a camera can turn a quick outing to do two easy errands into a three hour odyssey to Middle Harbor Shoreline Park and other spots around town. Sadly, I only ended up with a couple of photos that seem worth posting here:

Watch Out

Round Tops

This morning at Lake Merritt. There are two “round tops” in this photo: the turtle’s shell, and the distinctive peak in Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve called Round Top, which is visible in the background.

These Feet Were Made for Walking

I certainly didn’t set out to circumnavigate the city of Piedmont last Saturday, or to walk a half marathon through Oakland’s hilly northeast quadrant. One thing leads to another, however; that’s just the way life works—or my life, at least. You put one foot in front of the other, and then you do it again—a […]

Right Place, Right Time

I was lucky to be walking by Lake Merritt when a rainbow was hovering over the Oakland hills this afternoon. Having the moon hanging out above the right side of the rainbow was just a bonus: If you like rainbows, you may want to click through for a larger version at Flickr. (There may be […]

In the Beginning Was the Word

“The beginning, the spark. an ending count to rains that feLL aLL too quickly/now the blues of her dress. they cover my eyes and all that I SEE.” Author unknown, although it may be the same person who wrote the declaration of despair (now painted over) which I photographed in August less than a block […]