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Many people own Kryptonite U-locks; some unfortunate people own Kryptonite figure-8-locks instead: (Incidentally, something doesn’t seem to quite add up here. The lock, while bent out of shape, is unbroken. So why did the thief even bother trying to break the lock, if he was able to steal almost all of the bike without worrying […]

Gone Fishin’

No, I didn’t go fishing myself (although that might make a good excuse for the lack of blog posts recently), but some fishermen and sailboats made for a nice scene on the Oakland estuary early one evening last week:

Over AA

On my way to work today, I stumbled upon this amusing juxtaposition in Union Point Park:

Stolen Bike Recovered; Oakland’s Good Name Still Missing

If you listen to some of the complaints of Oakland residents, you might get the impression that the Oakland Police Department is either unable or unwilling to pay any attention to property crimes. And given the high levels of violent crime, it is presumably true that the OPD isn’t able to spend a whole lot […]

…As Long as You Get My Name Right

It’s nice to see the Oakland Tribune covering the wonderful improvements that are about to be made to the southern end of Lake Merritt, where a dreadful ten-lane thoroughfare is going to be turned into a pedestrian-friendly, bike-friendly area with expanded lakeside parkland. It would have been nice, too, if they hadn’t flubbed the name […]

Anonymous Mayoral Candidate Seeks Good Help

I was perusing the Craigslist job listings (anyone in need of a gently used blogger and dilettante?) when I came across this ad: Liberal Oakland Mayoral Candidate Seeks Campaign Staff (oakland downtown) Life-long leftist grass roots organizer and business woman considering bid in upcoming election. In order to evaluate a logistical and thematic approach we […]

Where Angels Dwell

I was passing by Mountain View Cemetery a bit before dusk today, so I decided to go in and take some pictures. I posted a few more in a Flickr set.


No particular rhyme or reason to these photos, and if I had anything better to post, these would probably be relegated to Flickr, but they’ll have to fill the void for now. All taken this morning in Oakland:


Somehow, a bike and a camera can turn a quick outing to do two easy errands into a three hour odyssey to Middle Harbor Shoreline Park and other spots around town. Sadly, I only ended up with a couple of photos that seem worth posting here:

Good News: Endangering Pedestrians Really Is Illegal in Oakland

I complain occasionally (okay, all the time) about how dangerous our streets are for pedestrians, and how I wish that the Oakland Police Department would crack down on reckless drivers so that people can feel safe crossing the street. So you can imagine how pleased I was to read about a string operation in West […]

Doing More With Less: OPD’s Plans to Bring Down Crime

In yesterday’s post about the community meeting with Oakland’s new police chief, I focused almost entirely on his presence and leadership qualitiies, and I mostly ignored the specifics of his plan. That was partly intentional: I am not an expert on policing strategies, nor do I wish to become one. The whole point of having […]

Rare Species Spotted in Oakland: Leadership

In late January, I rode my bike three miles in the rain (uphill!) in order to hear Oakland’s new police chief at a community meeting. Unfortunately, the meeting had been cancelled the day before with little public notice, so I ended up riding back home. Given that history, I was a bit reluctant this evening […]