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Anonymous Mayoral Candidate Seeks Good Help

I was perusing the Craigslist job listings (anyone in need of a gently used blogger and dilettante?) when I came across this ad:

Liberal Oakland Mayoral Candidate Seeks Campaign Staff (oakland downtown)

Life-long leftist grass roots organizer and business woman considering bid in upcoming election.

In order to evaluate a logistical and thematic approach we are soliciting applicants for the positions of Treasurer, Publicist, and Community Liaison. Please review position descriptions below and submit your qualifications by email. In person meetings will be scheduled to for further discussion.

Treasurer: Will manage incoming contributions and campaign expenses as well as insuring compliance with regulations governing the reporting of both. Experience with campaign finance preferred.

Office Manager/Publicist: Will handle phone calls, correspondence, and headquarter establishment. Will also manage website and social networking presence. Competency in Twitter and Facebook a must. A high-quality camera is a plus. Excellent opportunity for a student of PR.

Community Liaison: Advisor to candidate on trending issues and position formulation. Will reach out to local groups for support, standing relationships with community organizations will be of the up most importance. Duties will include scheduling meetings, and coordinating a supporter’s network.

All positions will be on a part-time volunteer basis with future compensation dependent on fundraising success.

If you are dissatisfied with the current candidates for office and would like to take a stand and make a difference for a better Oakland please send an email with information about yourself and your vision.

Being Mayor of Oakland is a thankless job, and it won’t be getting any easier as the city careers toward a fiscal cliff, but apparently a lot of people want the gig: there are already more than half a dozen names in the hat, or hats in the ring, or whatever your preferred hat metaphor is. And no, I’m not signing up for this incipient campaign—at least not until the mystery candidate emerges from the shadows.