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Category Archives: Bicycling

A Bike with a View

A low center of gravity might help one’s stability on a bicycle, but sometimes you have to get up high to see over all the damn SUV’s—and to make sure the SUV drivers can see you too. This was sent to me by a reader in Boston:

Love at First Sight

So there I was yesterday, riding my bike home through some neighborhoods that I have rarely, if ever, visited before. The ride itself was routine: one eye on the cars to my right, alert for the sudden opening of a door, the other eye monitoring my left flank, where cars were passing with an uncomfortably […]

The Ascent of Man

The same design is available on all sorts of other things from the seller at CafePress. I think I still like these “53 miles per burrito” shirts even more.

Illiterate? Or just selfish and lazy?

Just an hour or so after there was a rally to save a portion of bike lane on Market street in San Francisco (the lane is being removed in order to make it easier for car drivers to make an illegal right turn. Really!), I happened to come across this scene as I was riding […]