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Illiterate? Or just selfish and lazy?

Just an hour or so after there was a rally to save a portion of bike lane on Market street in San Francisco (the lane is being removed in order to make it easier for car drivers to make an illegal right turn. Really!), I happened to come across this scene as I was riding down Market a few blocks away:

Trucks in bike lane on Market Street

Thanks, guys! I was hoping I would have an excuse to merge into the car traffic on one of the busiest thoroughfares in San Francisco!

I’m generally a pretty easygoing guy, but this is one thing that gets to me, probably more than it should. (I’m not the only one: see You do have to admire the way the drivers of these trucks both managed to park directly adjacent to “Tow Zone: No Stopping Any Time” signs. They both had their hazard blinkers on, so they must have thought that made it all okay. Since there probably wasn’t a chance in the world that they would get tickets for this, I suppose they were right in a way.

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