The Wall

Some commenters on the last photo I posted were speculating that I have an affinity for the color blue, or that perhaps my camera or the local scenery produced particularly good blues (I assume that the speculation was based primarily on some earlier pictures I’ve taken such as this one and this one and this one—but not this one). I don’t have an answer, but I figured the easiest way to test the hypothesis was to take some pictures and look at the colors, so I took some photos of the most colorful thing I pass by most days of the week, and I’ll let you be the judge (many people in Oakland will probably recognize this wall instantly, even though I’ve rendered it pretty abstractly).








There are about a half dozen more at my Flickr set titled “Abstraction.”

9 Responses to “The Wall”

  1. ng says:

    OK — ALL colors show up vividly. I want a camera like this!

  2. eric says:

    Right–it’s not the camera. So maybe it’s you–or maybe it’s us… though in these I especially like the pink, maybe because it’s a little distressed. Nice pictures.

  3. ng says:

    What I really meant was, I want eyes like this!

  4. Patrick says:

    Actually, many of the photographs you post seem blown out – with detail absent in the highlights and an overall, unnatural brightness. As you can see by the previous comments, people like that artificial brightness – which is why camera companies build that in (and why the brightness level on televisions at the store is always as its highest setting). Also, I would say that the photographs definitely have a bluish tint – is it a Canon or Fuji? Both companies are known for pushing blue. If you’re using film, the same holds true of the Fuji brand.

  5. eric says:

    An artificial brightness and a sky like LED? Patrick has found our achilles’ heel… Anyway, I do like the pictures!

  6. dc says:

    It’s a Nikon, not a Canon or Fuji. Digital, obviously, not film.

    I personally always crank the brightness on my TV up to 11. I want Regis and Kelly to practically jump out of the screen at me—bam!

  7. ruth gutmann says:

    I used to only like black and white pictures — but even then it would have been impossible to disdain these images. I like them especially because they have shape, interesting configurations, but I cannot begin to guess how these constitute a wall, which could have curves, (like Serra’s) but not like what you are depicting.
    I am going to flckr next.

    Meanwhile, thanks for these.

  8. OakSnap says:

    O my goodness, I love the close up shots! I do not recognize the mural though..I’m about to check out the flickr link..

  9. OakSnap says:

    Um. Yes. I know where the mural is now..great abstracts!

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