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  1. Gene says:

    Nice pic! I love the different arrangements and colors in each cubbyhole, which together form an overall pattern.

  2. eric says:

    I think my favorite thing about it is the person’s contrapuntal outfit. Is that the proptietor, or a customer. At first, for some reason, I assumed it was a customer–maybe because that would be more delightfully serendipitous.

    I also like the blues (are you or your camera good with blues, or do I just like that color?): the blue at the top, of course, but also the way the person’s pants in the bottom right corner balance the blue packages on the upper left, with no blues in between. It also seems to me that the shadow at the bottom has a kind of bluish tint–am I imagining that?

    Anyway, it’s lovely.

  3. dc says:

    I’m glad you guys liked it. I also posted to Flickr a different shot of the same subject which does not include the woman. I waffled a bit about which one to post here, but the colorful clothing finally made me choose the one with the woman. I guess I also liked the contrast between the almost abstract colors of the merchandise and the humanity of the woman doing whatever she’s doing with the vegetables (I couldn’t tell if she was shopping or working).

    I pass that rack of merchandise nearly every day on the way home from work, and I’ve literally been wanting to photograph it for months, but it always seemed like the light was wrong, or a car was parked in front of it, or the blue tarps were obscuring the packages, or… I finally just decided to bite the bullet and take some pictures even though the light wasn’t perfect. I was pleased with how they turned out.

    I actually posted a picture of the same grocery way back in January. The light in that shot was even worse, and that was before I bought my nicer camera, but you can see part of the same rack to the left side of the frame in that photo too.

  4. ruth gutmann says:

    David, this is beyond beautiful. I went back to your January photo, and there what, to me, is most striking is the claim of diversity. “We have the stuff to feed half the world”.
    The present picture changes the focus. It feeds more than the eye, unlike the new Sol deWit mural in a NY subway.

    The person(s) who arrange the stuff in the store must get a joyous feeling expressing their sense of color. My guess is that the person whose back we see and whose blue pants are also colorfully patterned could be the owner.

    As for your having fun with dubious distinctions, I will not begrudge it. But I have lately gone bonkers looking for the rare reporter or columnist who is capable of making distinctions. not their overuse.

  5. ng says:

    I agree with all the positive comments — beautiful colors and arrangement, making terrific pattern and adding up to more than it seems. Your choice of the picture with the person was right, especially since she’s so gloriously colorful herself and so well placed. The picture from January and this one show your wonderful eye, moving toward art. (I too have wondered about the blues — is that California, or your camera, or …? Do the blues seem that strong when you’re looking at the various scenes?)

  6. Carol Polk says:

    So, what would it cost me to get a 9″x11″, approximately, of this picture? I know someone who needs it. If not more than $25 (if that is insulting, sorry; I tend to price things according to my ability to pay) I’d love to buy one, Dave.

  7. dc says:

    Carol, that’s flattering, not insulting. I never imagined that I would sell prints of any of my photos (I intentionally post them under a “creative commons” license on Flickr so that anyone who wants one can legally download them or reproduce them—all I ask is that I get credit for taking them, and I guess it would bother me if someone else was trying to make money off them). I’m just glad that people enjoy them.

    I’ve never had prints made from any of my pictures, but I think I can order large glossy prints through Flickr for just a few bucks each. If you’re interested, then email me your address and I can have one sent to you. Alternatively, a larger size of the photo is available for download at this page. A camera/photo shop or anyone else with a decent photo printer (even a Long’s or Walgreen’s?) should be able to easily download and print a nice copy from that page. Or you could download it yourself and probably use an website like shutterfly or snapfish to order a print for whoever “needs” it.

  8. Carol Polk says:

    Dave, I really wouldn’t mind paying for a picture; help defray the artist’s costs and honor the work. Free is good, but not the only good.

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