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Goodnight Oakland

I haven’t posted—or written, for that matter—any doggerel since my very first post, but since I apparently don’t have much else to say these days, I might as well. I happened to look up at the moon when I went out for my little just-before-bed dog walk last night, and this is the result. My apologies to the ghost of Margaret Wise Brown.

Goodnight moon
Goodnight city
Goodnight to the neighbor flattening cans
Goodnight lake
And the saxophone man
Goodnight pugs
Goodnight thugs
Goodnight fixies
And goodnight mixtes
Goodnight tacos
Goodnight potholes
Goodnight A’s
And goodnight gays
Goodnight cranes
Goodnight trains
Goodnight speeders
And psychic readers
Goodnight to the ladies
On East Fourteenth
Goodnight bars
Goodnight air
Goodnight noises everywhere