Another Bike Ride, Another Batch of Oakland Photos


The Cormorant Tree

Before and After

You've Got Mail

8 Responses to “Another Bike Ride, Another Batch of Oakland Photos”

  1. jabel says:

    I love the Spanish shoe repair sign.It takes me back to the restaurant I worked at in North Truro as a dishwasher for several summers owned and run by French Canadians and employing Us college kids or French Canadians.The big poster on the wall next to the dishwashing machine though showed a guy scraping a plate before he put it in the dishwasher with the words”Raspe los Platos Complimente”That became our standard greeting when meeting in the offseason.Would make a nice T-Shirt.

  2. themacinator says:

    these are awesome- especially all togheter.

    nicely done.

  3. dc says:

    jabel: As soon as I start my T-shirt business, I’ll hire you as an idea man.

    themacinator: Thanks!

  4. Gene says:

    Cool shots!

    Where is the shoe repair place? My work boots look like the one on the left 🙂

  5. jabel says:

    Let me know.I want one from a Leave It to Beaver episode where Beaver is trying to raise money.His slogan board”Spit off my Bridge 10 cents” after the guy painting the bridge says everyone in the city owns the bridge.

  6. dc says:

    Gene: Thanks. The shoe repair place is on Fruitvale between E 14th and E 15th, north side of the street. It’s next door to Mi Grullense (the storefront restaurant, not the taco truck), or maybe two doors down. If they’re true to their word, or rather their image, then they’ll have your boots gleaming by the time they’re done with them. I’ll bet it wouldn’t cost you too much, either.

    jabel: Somehow I knew you’d be brimming over with good ideas.

  7. eric says:

    Good ones. Oakland never looked as interesting to me in real life as it does in your photos. Maybe I’ll see it again sometime soon and it will look different…

  8. dc says:

    I don’t think Oakland is especially interesting-looking. As in any city, you can find things that make for interesting photographs, and obviously some areas are better than others, but overall, I don’t think most of the city is particularly striking.

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