Still Life with Bunnies and Eggs


A front yard on Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland. Is it Easter or something?

4 Responses to “Still Life with Bunnies and Eggs”

  1. wordnerd says:

    I don’t think so. Expected low tonight is 30. Of course I’m not THERE, in Oakland.

  2. ruth gutmann says:

    It looks as if the parents raided their kids’ toy chest. Colorful to say the least.

  3. dc says:

    I went to get my haircut: barber shop closed for Easter. I stopped at Trader Joe’s for dinner fixings on the way home: closed early for Easter. I tried the taqueria next door: closed for Easter. I tried the Holy Land restaurant around the corner: closed for Passover.

    Never mind church and state, is there any way that we can get separation of church and commerce? A man’s gotta eat!

  4. ruth gutmann says:

    That might be the time to be inventive if you have anything stocked up. Are there any enterprising food deliverers available on the internet? I recall reading about quite good choices that could be ordered around here, but there might be minimums below which it does not pay for them.

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