Boy’s Toy

I bought myself a new gadget: I was starting to feel the limitations of my point-and-shoot (only a 3X zoom, for instance), so I upgraded to a Digital SLR. Now I just have to learn how to use it. It’s been raining almost nonstop since I bought it last week, but we finally caught a break in the weather today, so I took it out for a spin:


It does fine as a point-and-shoot with everything set on “auto,” but I assume I’ll get better results if I start paying attention to ISO, aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, and so on. All that is new to me.

I’ll have to learn how to hold the camera flat also, so that the Transamerica Pyramid doesn’t always look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa (the problem is more evident on larger versions of the photo):


I think I found the bluest cargo bay in the world today, on a Warehouse near the Oakland waterfront:

Blue Door

Most of the shots didn’t turn out especially well, and the overcast skies didn’t help, but I did post a couple of others to my Flickr page.

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  1. jabel says:

    I wonder what crew team that is out there on the water.

  2. dc says:

    jabel: I don’t know, but I go by there several times a week, and it seems like I always see a crew team training. I doubt it’s the Cal team, because I think they train closer to campus in Berkeley, but there are several colleges in Oakland, so it could be one of their teams (if they have any — they are pretty small schools and I doubt they have very robust sports programs). There are also youth programs in Jack London square that teach local high school kids how to row crew, so it could be part of that operation. The other day I was crossing one of the bridges over the estuary, and one of the crew boats had capsized. There’s a big Coast Guard base right there in the estuary, but I don’t think they had to be brought in for a rescue.

  3. jabel says:

    Well it’s cool to see crew teams rowing in Oakland.I think it might be high school from the pic but who knows.

  4. dc says:

    Since you’re curious, here’s the team at full resolution:

  5. jabel says:

    Well it’s not Cal.there is more Stanford red in that pic than a Cal team would wear.

  6. dc says:

    I wouldn’t be so sure. I just googled for info and came across this, indicating that the Cal team actually does train there every day (I thought they had a boathouse up by the Berkeley Marina, but maybe that’s the sailing team or just the recreational boathouse for all students):

    Cal has trained on the Oakland Estuary for more than a century. The T. Gary Rogers Rowing Center in Oakland has been the home for the Cal men since 2004, when it replaced the Ky Ebright Boathouse, which stands next to the Rogers boathouse, as the Bears’ headquarters.

    “When I coached the national team, we trained at Princeton,” Teti said. “The community really embraced the team. We felt that, being citizens of Princeton, we needed to give back, so once a week the guys would make sandwiches for the homeless, do readings at elementary schools.

    “I thought, `Now we’re here, and we’re part of the community in Berkeley and in Oakland. We row on the Oakland Estuary every day.’ I was looking to do a community service project, and [Cal’s Director of Olympic Sports Operations] Jenny Simon suggested this. We met [Environmental Compliance Supervisor] Jeff Jones at the Port of Oakland and I spoke with Dave O’Neill, and we decided it would be a good team thing to do. I think everybody had fun.”

    Teti, a former U.S. Olympic bronze medalist as a rower, is in his first year coaching at Cal. He joined the Golden Bears after his long stint as U.S. men’s coach ended with the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

  7. jabel says:

    It could be but the major college crew teams usually have several boats out at once but these guys could be getting extra work in.I’m just basing this on watching crew teams in Boston on the Charles and the Univ of Rochester.

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