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Category Archives: Automobiles

Liar’s Paradox

I question the wisdom of distracting other drivers with logic puzzles like this one:

Eye of the Beholder

I just noticed this plaque last week, after having walked past it dozens, if not hundreds, of times: I took another photo from the same spot, looking in a different direction: The plaque was placed where Interstate 580 crosses over Grand Avenue, creating a dark, imposing overpass that separates Lake Merritt and Lakeside Park from […]

“No Crime Here at All”

An awful story this evening, related to my post about speeding cars and pedestrians on Park Boulevard the other day: A pedestrian was struck and killed in a crosswalk at the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Santiago St. in San Francisco tonight. The woman was walking westbound across Sunset when a man driving a Toyota […]

“Avis: We Try Harder” (…to push gas guzzlers on you)

This ad (slightly condensed horizontally to fit here more easily) was a banner across an article at the Oakland Tribune website today. Memo to Avis: Hummers are not “cool cars,” not even the H3 shown in the ad, described without irony at the Hummer website as “the midsize SUV” and “proof positive that good [sic] […]

Park Boulevard: the anatomy of a city street

The San Francisco Chronicle had a “Chronicle Watch” feature the other day about one of those solar-powered displays that cities put up to let drivers know how fast they are going (the Chron’s “Journalism of Action” in action!). The display in question, which briefly wasn’t working because its solar battery was dead, happens to be […]

SUVs on Parade

Also known as afterschool pickup at an elite private school in an elite neighborhood of the liberal and holier-than-thou city of San Francisco: While I was ranting about trucks, I thought I might as well go ahead and post this photo too. This is a line for a high school in one of the country’s […]

Illiterate? Or just selfish and lazy?

Just an hour or so after there was a rally to save a portion of bike lane on Market street in San Francisco (the lane is being removed in order to make it easier for car drivers to make an illegal right turn. Really!), I happened to come across this scene as I was riding […]