Free Range

Free Range

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  1. ng says:


  2. dc says:

    A block from my house. I see them hanging out in a driveway or front yard fairly often, but never got around to taking a picture before.

  3. wordnerd says:

    This must be the month of the chicken.

    (see the second photo)

  4. unique distance from isolation says:

    They look more free than the ones a block from MY house. The ones near me are penned into a small front yard, even smaller than mine. If I ate eggs I’d consider getting some of my own…

  5. unique distance from isolation says:

    I’m surprised the coyotes–or whatever–don’t get them.

  6. dc says:

    Not many coyotes in my area, but we’re swarming with raccoons.

  7. John A. Abel says:

    I know there are lots of chickens in East LA but in Key West they roam all over the place.My friends lived next to a cuban couple in Key West who kept chickens and the freakin rooster went off every morning before dawn.Nice to see chickens in an Oakland neighborhood.

  8. wordnerd says:

    A big fat turkey was walking down our sidewalk the other day, able to follow a straight line as well as any dog off leash.

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