Tile Style

For some reason I’ve been taking a lot of photos of tilework lately. Continuing to mine that vein, I took some pictures of mosaic murals in jingletown today:

While many of the murals in this cluster are mosaics, there are some painted murals too. I’ve posted shots of some of the other murals (along with those above) to a set at Flickr.

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  1. ng says:

    great pictures! Where’s Jingletown?

  2. dc says:

    It’s tucked between the waterfront and the interstate next to the bridge I usually ride over to get to Alameda. Since the neighborhood is a mix of industrial and residential somewhat off the beaten path, with some warehouses which have been given new life as live/work lofts, it has become one of Oakland’s arts enclaves.

  3. ng says:

    Thanks. The website shows a vibrant arts community, but I couldn’t find why it’s called “Jingletown” — ?

  4. dc says:

    The etymology offered on Wikipedia (and on various Jingletown websites) is, “The history of Jingletown begins with its name, originating from a habit of nearby mill workers, largely males of Portuguese and Azorean background, who would jingle the coins from a week’s work in their pockets as they walked to display their prosperity.” I’m personally somewhat skeptical of this theory (it has the ring of folklore to me, but what the hell do I know—I can’t say I’ve heard any good alternatives, so maybe it’s true).

    I am guessing that the mosaic murals above were done by people from True Mosaics Studio and the Institute of Mosaic Art, which are located a block away, but I don’t know that for sure.

  5. wordnerd says:

    Was that a Valentine’s Day addition?

  6. John A. Abel says:

    Off topic but have you ever been to Aunt Mary’s Cafe on Telegraph in Oakland.Was watching a re-run of Dives,Diners and Drive Ins last night and the first recipe they did from there was Bubble and Squeak southern style.He took cooked greens and mixed them with the mashed potao mixture then pan fried them.Topped with Poached Eggs and Pot Licker or Liquor gravy which was the liquid from the greens with Roux and cream stirred in.It looked mighty good.

  7. dc says:

    John– I ate brunch there once, but I don’t think I ordered anything that bubbled or squeaked. The food was good, but I wouldn’t call it a dive or a diner or a drive in.

  8. John A. Abel says:

    Thanks, It looked like a fairly quiet stretch of Telegraph and I see it’s listed as North Oakland.

  9. dc says:

    North Oakland is a pretty general term. The more specific neighborhood is called Temescal. That stretch of Telegraph has picked up a lot in the past 10-15 years, and especially the blocks between about 47th and 51st are pretty bustling these days, at least by Oakland standards. Aunt Mary’s is at about 44th street, which is still a bit more dead, but it’s picking up there too, although more slowly.

  10. oaktown art says:

    regarding the first two mosaics, funnily I posted about these a couple weeks ago and made the same assumptions as you (about who did them) and we were both wrong. You can see my corrected post here (http://oaktownart.com/2011/03/08/new-artwalk-in-jingletown/) but here’s the info as well…

    Virgin of Guadalupe – artist Kim Larson (http://kimlarsonart.com) – I’m going to be featuring an interview with her next week
    Tree – artists Kim Larson & Saundra Warren (http://insaundrasgarden.com)

  11. dc says:

    Thanks for the info!

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