Avanti! Avanti!

Almost a year and a half ago I posted a photo of The Grateful Tree a few blocks from my apartment. In the intervening months, time and the elements took their usual toll, and the little tree eventually looked like it would be grateful for a bit of sprucing up itself.

I walked the dog past there today, and was glad to see that the treelet has been given new life as The Grateful-Hopeful Tree. Passersby are now asked not only what we are grateful for today, but also what we are hopeful for tomorrow, and a small lamp has been installed, perhaps to help light the way toward that brighter future:

The Grateful-Hopeful Tree

I’m cautiously pessimistic about the future myself, but nonetheless I applaud the tree’s new forward-thinking mindset. I’m reminded of what I heard an irreverent newspaper columnist say when he was told that all the masthead editors were away at a retreat: “A retreat? Never retreat; always advance. Avanti! Avanti!” Whether the future is bright or dim, it is indisputably our destination, so the wry columnists’s exhortation is pretty hard to argue with.

4 Responses to “Avanti! Avanti!”

  1. wordnerd says:

    Cautious pessimism! That’s the most hopeful thing I’ve heard in a long time.

  2. unique distance from isolation says:

    I’m cautiously pessimistic myself, but even if the overall future is dim, there is much to be grateful for and hopeful about. The tree seems to be doing well!

  3. unique distance from isolation says:

    I’m grateful that my daughter dressed up as a penguin for Halloween this year…

  4. dc says:

    Is this the first year that she was not a fairy princess?

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