Life is So Uncertain

This is the first sentence of the Boston Globe’s Friday article about the latest developments in the Red Sox owner’s efforts to purchase Liverpool FC:

The Liverpool Football Club will host Blackburn Sunday; that much is certain.

The only problem is that Liverpool is playing their Liverpudlian neighbors Everton on Sunday. (They’ll host Blackburn on the following Sunday—or should I say, “Sunday week.”)

Who could have predicted that the most dramatic news story of the week would be bicontinental legal wrangling over the purchase of a football club, rather than the rescue of the Chilean miners? (And no, I’m certainly not certain about that.)

3 Responses to “Life is So Uncertain”

  1. unique distance from isolation says:

    You lost me somewhere in there… I’ll have to follow the links.

  2. dc says:

    I doubt the links will help in this case. My only points (if you can even call them that) were:

    a) The one thing that the Globe asserted to be “certain”—Liverpool’s opponent on Sunday—was in fact erroneous. I found that amusing.


    b) I have been surprised that the legal disputes over Liverpool’s ownership turned out to be so dramatic, with dueling injunctions from courts on two continents, a series of last-minute plot twists, etc. (Admittedly, most American probably don’t find the ownership of English soccer teams particularly interesting, and neither do I in most cases…)

  3. unique distance from isolation says:


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