The Long March



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  1. AlexAG says:

    Oh no!!! Too bad for that person’s property.
    How long is that ladder? 72′ long? 84′ long? longer?

  2. dc says:

    AG: It was probably in that range. The fire was almost entirely contained at that point, but even so it’s impressive to see people voluntarily climb onto the roofs of burning structures, even if it is their job and even if they are very well-trained.

    A lot of times, homes and apartments and warehouses that burn up in Oakland end up being illegal marijuana-growing operations (for instance and for instance and for instance and for instance). People re-do the electrical wiring in order to power all the lamps and equipment required for extensive indoor agriculture, but they do it unsafely and in extreme violation of fire and building codes, so they end up causing electrical fires. This is one more reason I’m supportive of legalization or decriminalization of marijuana here—in addition to the money wasted on the “war on drugs” and all the gang violence which arises from drug trafficking, I would bet that the number of fires in places like Oakland will be cut in half if marijuana cultivation becomes a more regulated, above-board industry instead of taking place illegally in private houses and apartment buildings. (I’ve heard no allegation or even speculation that this particular fire had anything to do with marijuana growing, however.)

  3. AlexAG says:

    dc: I see what you mean. I am not against legalization of marijuana (or even as rediculous as marijuana-growing — Ha Ha Ha….). In fact, I am in favor of legalizing it. However, the argument that it would cut down “extensive indoor agriculture” of marijuana is a bit interesting. Wouldn’t they be growing something else illegal if marijuana is legal? I wonder.

  4. jabel says:

    I don’t think so on any large scale. What are they going to grow?Nothing is as easy to grow or used by so many.Legalising Marijuana would be like ending Prohibition.

  5. dc says:

    I’ve never heard of anyone growing opium poppies or coca plants around here, so I assume they must be harder to grow, at least in this climate. I guess the criminally-minded in California could turn their houses or apartments into meth labs if illegal marijuana growing were no longer a viable proposition, and meth labs are supposed to be very dangerous (toxic and combustible chemicals involved). For whatever reason we don’t hear much about meth in the cities—seems like more of a rural/small town thing, at least according to the hysterical stories you see in the media…

  6. AlexAG says:

    Well, let me say this.
    (1) I think we need to at least allow to use Marijuana for medical reasons.
    (2) Marijuana or not in that building, there are a lot people in this country play electricians and do electrical wiring without consulting electricians or even know there are codes. But, there are even more people think they know economic more than the economists. 😛 Boo…. 😀

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