Sun Rays

Sun Rays

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  1. ng says:

    That’s so beautiful! What is it? (Are those green lines really sun rays?)

  2. dc says:

    Green string. It’s some kind of installation on the campus of the California College of the Arts (called the California College of Arts & Crafts until a few years ago when they decided to purge the college’s origins in the Arts & Crafts movement from the name). Maybe the artist is an overeager disciple of Fred Sandback, with an added environmentalist element. (Or maybe the artist is just a fan of that heist movie in which Catherine Zeta-Jones crawls in a tight bodysuit through a room criss-crossed with lasers.) Here’s another piece of the installation from a different angle:

    String Theory

  3. ng says:

    Thanks for the information. Makes your original picture look really good.

  4. jabel says:

    At first I thought it was a Spider Web.In Jay and Silent Bob go to Hollywood the three good looking gals in skintight body suits crawl up under and over a bunch of lasers with a fast food result predicted by Jay but I assume it may have been a parody of Zeta jones but then I don’t watch or recall many of her movies so I’m not sure.

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