Dr. Strangebike

I seem to see more odd customized bikes in Alameda than anywhere else. This was down the block from where the family bike was parked last month, and across the street from where I spotted the tiki bike last year

Dr. Strangebike

The guy who was riding this did have a cowboy hat on, but it wasn’t Slim Pickens.

6 Responses to “Dr. Strangebike”

  1. ng says:

    What was that thing in another life?

  2. unique distance from isolation says:

    Why leave the bike seat on? It looks like sitting on the bomb (or whatever) would be more comfortable…

  3. dc says:

    unique distance: Sitting on the bomb, with gravity sliding you back onto those sharp tailfins, looks more comfortable than sitting on a padded seat?

  4. unique distance from isolation says:

    It looks to me like sitting on the padded seat would mean pushing your thighs into the sharp tailfins with every pedalstroke. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! (a hundred times a minute…)

  5. ruth gutmann says:

    Pretty unappetizing. This person’s desire to tinker found a weird outlet.

  6. jabel says:

    Looks like a giant Martini shaker to me!

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