Vacation’s Over

Despite being in photogenic locales such as Gloucester, MA and New York City, I didn’t take as many pictures as I expected, so it ended up being a vacation from photography and blogging in addition to being a vacation from work. I’m posting these just to ease my transition back into the daily, or at least weekly, grind.

Red, White and Blue

Bridge of Sighs, West 15th Street

3 Responses to “Vacation’s Over”

  1. wordenerd says:

    Photogenic places don’t require photographers–they already look like photographs.

  2. ruth gutmann says:

    That overpass reminds me of the Bridge of Sighs which you may have seen in Venice. According to the Italians, prisoners who had been condemned to death were led across it to their ultimate fate.

  3. dc says:

    Ruth: I had the same thought, and actually titled the photo “Bridge of Sighs, West 15th Street” when I posted it to Flickr last night. The comparison of Manhattan’s streets to Venice’s canals reminds me that Canal Street is so named because it used to be the site of an actual canal which drained water from a filthy garbage- and excrement-filled pond in the center of the island to the Hudson in the late 18th century. It wasn’t until sometime in the 19th century that they filled/covered the canal and the marshy pond, and began to establish a more sanitary waste system.

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