Some Free Advice

If your mood levels are highly correlated with ups and downs of the S&P 500, then you are probably overinvested in stocks. Similarly, if your mood levels are highly correlated with the quality of your internet connection, then you probably spend too much time online.

3 Responses to “Some Free Advice”

  1. avoice says:

    My mood swings are directly correlated to whether I can obtain Mrs T’s Potato and Cheese Frozen Pierogis at my local market. What do you suppose that means?

  2. dc says:

    I think it means that people never stop feeling comforted by the foods they ate growing up.

  3. Carol Polk says:

    Given avoice’s place of residence, a lack of those pierogis at the local market might mean a substantial turnover in the ethnic composition of Glendale.

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