Real Estate Collapse

On Telegraph Avenue in North Oakland:

Sign of the Times

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  1. ruth gutmann says:

    You cannot very well call this a metaphor for what has happened in the real estate market. It is, rather, a realistic depiction of it.

    As far as possible I have been following the doings — or undoing? — of California’s government. How long will it be until the governor and his minions come to their senses? I think of the many people who are truly dependent upon a properly functioning bureaucracy. How difficult it must be for them to get by and retain their hope that things must improve one of these days!

  2. dc says:

    Ruth: I don’t even think of what California has as a government anymore—it’s more like a stopvernment.

  3. avoice says:

    That’s pretty emblematic of our present times I’d say

  4. Gene says:

    Regardless, it’s a great picture.

  5. nnyhav says:

    Metaphor? When what’s left of the bulbs approximates “realite”? (so there’s no French accents, à la “réalité”, perhaps you can photoshop in a couple of crows perching while losing the extra “i”)

  6. ng says:

    How does the corner where the shooting took place correspond to your various blogposts?

  7. dc says:

    It’s right on my route to work, but I’ve never taken any photos of the immediate vicinity. The market in this old post is a few blocks closer to my house, on East 12th as opposed to East 14th (i.e. International). The Dos Hermanos Bar and the Mitchell Hotel in this post are about 8 blocks down International toward Fruitvale, while El Gato Negro is about 12 blocks away, also on International. The recent photo of the 9th Avenue Terminal with San Francisco in the background was taken from an overpass on 16th Avenue about a block and a half from where the shootout took place, but it doesn’t show anything in the area.

    To update the (incorrect) info in “Marginalia:” the police shot and killed a guy who was reportedly shooting at them, and a bystander was wounded by some broken glass, but no one except the suspect was actually shot. The Oakland Tribune’s article has a bit more info, but doesn’t answer the key questions of why the cops were stopping the guy, or why he shot at them. It’s not a gentrified area, but I don’t think of it as violent or dangerous either. The only obvious criminal activity that I ever see near there is prostitution.

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