“Now Open,” Now Closed

This billboard near my home has outlived the business whose opening it was advertising. (The dealership only lasted for two months and closed a few weeks ago. We’ll see how long the billboad lasts.)

False advertising

4 Responses to ““Now Open,” Now Closed”

  1. wordnerd says:

    Toyota is going out of business? What’s going to happen to the age-old proverb? (What’s good for Toyota is good for America)…the link seems to be out of business too.

  2. dc says:

    Link works for me. Not important, anyway — it’s just an article from late Feb. saying that the dealership is closing.

  3. nnyhav says:

    And then atop the billboard there’s the CBS logo fixedly staring out at you just above the Toyota cats-eye/inner eyelid closing logo …

  4. dc says:

    Nice catch. And I’d never noticed the eyelike qualities of the Toyota logo either. I had noticed that it had a loose T inside the oval, and that it looked a bit like a steering wheel, but somehow the eye had evaded me. I think that logo might have been designed by a friend’s uncle in Ireland about 20 years ago, unless I’m confusing it with some other logo. (Now that I’ve googled, I discover that the timing is right, but I don’t find anything about the identity of the designer. One site does point out that all the letters of “Toyota” can be discerned in the logo with a bit of imagination.

    That CBS logo is a lot creepier on billboards than it is on TV. Big Corporate is watching you…

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