Here Comes the Sun

The rain has passed, at least for now, and there was music in the streets again in Oakland yesterday:


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  1. ng says:

    Is this the same Park (Blvd) that you wrote about before? It looks pretty relaxed here.

  2. Carol says:

    I found the “guitar” arrow while I was enjoying the picture. I don’t know how I did it, and I can’t do it again. Are there any more advisories?

  3. dc says:

    ng: yes, that’s on the same stretch of lower Park Blvd. that I wrote about before. The pictures in the other post are more representative of the streetscape of lower Park — this building is one of the few with any kind of yard or garden in front of it, although there are a couple of parks abutting the road, as I mentioned in the other post. Lower Park has a lot of potential for being a nicer main drag for the neighborhood, but it will take some changes to really get there.

    Carol: When you hover your cursor over the photos I post, you are shown the title of the picture. In this case, “guitar” was actually just the filename, not the title, but the software used the filename as the default title since I didn’t give that photo a title. I’ve since changed it — now that photo doesn’t have any title at all, and it won’t show any words when people hover over it. It wasn’t intended as an advisory; if that isn’t recognizable as a guitar, then I’m an even worse photographer than I think!

  4. ng says:

    (I still get “guitar” when the arrow hits the picture.)

  5. dc says:

    Ah, I guess my change didn’t affect things when people view it with Internet Explorer. Oh, well — doesn’t really matter.

  6. Carol says:

    And here I thought you were being ironic. Not a stretch to think, it seems to me. Why not play around with that some more?

  7. jabel says:

    I like that feature.The one with the rowers showed up as scullers which is a nice reminder of my college and university years.

  8. dc says:

    Carol: Didn’t you hear that irony died on 9/11? We must never forget, or else the terrorists win

    jabel: I like the feature too, but it would be nice to be able to turn it off on a case by case basis. Since I can’t turn it off entirely, I’ll have to just come up with better titles than “guitar” in the future.

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