Statistic of the Day

Rainfall at Oakland International Airport from January 1st to February 14th: 2.61 inches

Rainfall at Oakland International Airport on February 15th: 1.87 inches

Those two numbers are way below average and way above average, respectively. (In fact, the record rainfall for Feb 15 had previously been 1.41 inches.)

5 Responses to “Statistic of the Day”

  1. wordnerd says:

    Your bike ride is not as long as the Tour of California, right?

  2. dc says:

    No, but on the other hand I don’t ride as fast as Armstrong or Leipheimer either. Nor do I have a team of servants awaiting me at the end of my ride, ready to provide massages, hot drinks, warm blankets, dry clothing. Nor do I get paid to ride my bike in the rain. Nor…

  3. ng says:

    The weatherman reports that tomorrow Boston is getting California’s weather. We’ll see if it breaks any records.

  4. wordnerd says:

    Great. We FINALLY get California weather and it’s all wet.

  5. avoice says:

    So are you people finally going to stop whining about the drought? Up in Mendocino it’s being raing for the past 30 days.

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