Now Daschle away, Daschle away, Daschle away all.

So Tom Daschle can now return to earning a fortune as a lobbyist, and can use his close relationship with the President of the United States as a way of influencing public policy, while being subject to none of the scrutiny, oversight, conflict of interest rules, or other safeguards that are in place when one is a public official.

Sounds like a great victory for government transparency and accountability!

6 Responses to “Now Daschle away, Daschle away, Daschle away all.”

  1. eric says:

    I wish some of Obama’s other new hires had stayed away from the scrutiny, oversight, conflict of interest rules, etc. and he had hired some people who weren’t being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the very industries they are supposedly now governing. It is increasingly clear that things are going to have to get much worse, tens of millions more people are going to have getlaid off, and we are going to have to give trillions more dollars to destructively greedy bankers without getting anything in return, before we get real reform and a civilized health care system. I am disappointed, but not by Daschle’s dropping out.

  2. dc says:

    I hope it didn’t sound like I was disappointed by Daschle’s dropping out. Seems like a perfectly nice fellow, but…

  3. ng says:

    Don’t you feel like you know lots of capable people who in fact pay their taxes? And you’re right — Daschle will go on making millions (and avoiding some taxes?). Anyway, I too am glad he dropped out, because I don’t want a lobbyist for health care companies directing health care policy for the U.S.

  4. jabel says:

    I’d bet that well over half of congress probably has tax issues if put under a microscope.I can’t believe they can tax you for getting a ride in someones limo.That said these folks should know that no stone is going to be left unturned when they accept these jobs.I blame it on the accountants trying to get creative with the tax laws for these folks.

  5. dc says:

    ng: Sure, but people I know aren’t having cars and drivers provided to them, or earning hundreds of thousands of dollars at lobbying firms

    jabel: people in congress are probably more careful than their peers, but I’d agree that well over half of wealthy people probably have tax issues if put under a microscrope. You’re way more generous than I am when you blame it on the accountants — these people employ those accountants for the purpose of avoiding taxes, and notice how they never seem to get in trouble for it unless they happen to be selected for some kind of political position. Meanwhile, people whose only income shows up on their W2 have no tricks to exploit, so they end up paying everything they owe.

  6. jabel says:

    Well I think it’s because there is a disconnect between these folks and their accountants.It’s not like regular people talking to a tax guy once a year.These guys are hired to work full time and I know from several friends that came from old money there wasn’t a lot of interaction with their bookeeping people unless a problem came up under the scope of the IRS clowns.

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