Melting Pot Oakland

Melting Pot
A proudly inclusive grocery on East 12th Street in Oakland.

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  1. Carol says:

    There’s a grocery store in Sunland, LA County, rather like this. It’s huge, and runs the gamut of choices, lots of fresh stuff, things in cans and jars that you never heard of but look tempting, ditto stuff you have heard of that makes you want to dig out that recipe clipped from a newspaper 10 years ago, just in case you ever found a particular hot pepper. I loved shopping there and wish a similar venue existed in bus distance from me. We have many small ethnic markets, and large ones, too, in the Bay Area, but no single source for the food of the world. This place looks excellent, but leaves out Africa, India, the middle East, England.

  2. jabel says:

    What no French? though the thought of a Mexican-Chinese restaurant is interesting though they probably exist.

  3. Carol says:

    Well, since French cooking is more or less the standard of excellent and faux-French the standard of average, cooking in America today, the ingredients are generally available at most grocery stores, much enhanced by the rise in locally sourced produce, grass-fed beef, free range fowl, etc. I think if we checked out the kitchens in Chinese restaurants across the land we would find Hispanics at the stove and chopping block in most of them. That’s certainly true in SF.

  4. dc says:

    Would you settle for Mexican-Pakistani-Indian? A taqueria in Berkeley was recently bought by South Asians and turned into a hybrid of some kind:

    El Sombrero

  5. dc says:

    And there are Cuban Chinese places all over New York, so that’s another option. I guess those don’t really exist in California, do they?

  6. jabel says:

    I used to order years ago from a Chinese place and the delivery driver wasa really nice Mexican American guy.After about three years I ordered one night and a Chinese guy shows up with my order.”What happened to Juan” I asked and the Chinese guy replies “Oh he quit and opened a Chinese Restaurant in Encino”

  7. wordnerd says:

    What’s the cross street where Thien Loi Hoa is?

  8. dc says:

    Cross street is 12th or 13th Avenue. From the outside, it doesn’t look any different from the other Asian supermarkets along E 12th and E 14th Sts, except for the long list of nationalities — and since it is situated where greater Chinatown starts blending into greater Fruitvale (for about 10 blocks the signs in Vietnamese and Chinese and ? alternate with signs in Spanish), it makes sense (business sense, at least) that they added in the “Mexican” too. I haven’t actually been inside this particular grocery yet, so I don’t know whether the merchandise is any different from what you’d see at, say, the market at 7th St. and Harrison. I do want to pick up some of that Thai Sweet Chili sauce that I like, so maybe I’ll stop in tomorrow and see if they have it. I bike past the place almost every day.

  9. avoice says:

    Well here in LA we used to have the Kosher Burrito run by a Korean dude.

  10. wordnerd says:

    If libraries are rated by the number of volumes, then for Asian groceries it’s the number of varieties of Thai sweet chili sauce.

  11. Quercki M. Singer says:

    In Sausalito near the Bay Model, there is a restaurant that serves “Punjabi enchiladas” and Punjabi tostadas. And jerk chicken if you like. Avatars Restaurant.

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