Technical difficulties

I’ve been informed by several people that the page does not fully load when they visit the blog. They see the top few inches, but then everything below that gets cut off. So far it seems to be only people who are using Internet Explorer Version 6 who are having the problems, so I’ll blame Microsoft.

Unfortunately, I have to ride my bike 8 miles to work in a drizzle right now, so I can’t look into it until tonight. I apologize if anyone is having trouble viewing the site — refreshing the page sometimes seems to solve the problem, but only sporadically. If anyone else is having any technical difficulties with the site, then it would be a great help if you could let me know by email (dmc at fragmentaryevidence dot com will work) or by leaving a comment. Technical information (browser type and version number, operating system, etc.) is always helpful. Thanks!

3 Responses to “Technical difficulties”

  1. wordnerd says:

    Misfortunes, technical difficulties, drizzle…Come on–some good news, please!

  2. avoice says:

    This sort of thing expands your moral fiber and teaches humility, to a point.

  3. dmc says:

    avoice: I feel neither more fibrous nor more humble, but maybe a bit wiser, since I now know that javascripts can have unintended consequences.

    wordnerd: it stopped raining, and the technical difficulties have been solved. As for the misfortunes, we should probably just learn to live with those.

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