Special Sale! Misfortunes

Like something out of Lewis Carroll, in Oakland’s chinatown:

Special Sale! Misfortunes

I couldn’t buy any misfortunes because the fortune cookie factory was closed that day, but I peeked inside and discovered that misfortunes go for a buck fifty a bag — cheaper than kettle corn, and less fattening!

Misfortunes $1.50

2 Responses to “Special Sale! Misfortunes”

  1. chris says:

    i got a fortune cookie without a fortune at a chinese restaurant in arizona this past November. i might’ve taken it the wrong way, but the restaurant didn’t even have the sense to be playing background music so i think they just weren’t thinking things through in general.

  2. avoice says:

    In accordance with the view that the world contains paired opposites, the ying and yang, there is clearly a need for some misfortune cookies to balance out the many fortune cookies already sold. It’s not always clear though, whether a given fortune is a misfortune or just a fortune. These things can be very subtle. Labeling them one or the other is not what governs which side of providence they fall on. That rests with the Universe.

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